Anyone who is at least 21 years of age, permanently employed and who has a good credit rating.

From the comfort of your home or office using our online platform, anywhere, anytime. You may also visit our office in Windhoek to apply. See Contact Us page.

Affordability is calculated using your net salary and monthly expenses as indicated by your bank statement and it will determine your maximum loan amount. The online calculator gives you only a preliminary idea of approximately how much you can qualify for.

We charge 30% interest once-off on all loans irrespective of the number of installments or the loan amount.

We start processing an application immediately upon receiving the application submission with all the required documents (3 months bank statements, 2 latest payslips and identification). It takes approximately an hour to process a new application and 30 minutes to process a new application from an existing client.

We do payments 4 times daily (11:00 am, 14:00 pm, 17:00 pm and 21:00 pm) from Monday to Friday and twice on Saturdays (11:00 am and 14:00 pm). Keep in mind that we require the signed contract and the signed authority to debit before any payments can be made.

Bank statements, payslips and identification documents are only required every six months. We do however reserve the right to contact your employer to confirm your employment status at any time as indicated in the consent to conduct credit.

Yes, if current loans are with conventional banks. We might have to consolidate current loans with other micro lending institution if possible before issuing a new loan as per NAMFISA regulations.

Yes and No. If we're in a position to clear current loans with your creditors and a good explanation as to why a blacklisting occurred has been given we will consider granting a new loan. If we are unable to clear current loans and no good explanation is given as to why previous obligations have not been met we will decline your loan application.

Yes and No. We may consider a loan if there is proof that the debtor is currently not defaulting on other loans and that bank accounts have been properly managed for a considerable period. We will not grant loans to individuals who are not in good standing with or avoiding current creditors.

An additional 5% interest as well as a fixed N$50.00 in administration fees will be charged per month for the first three months of default. If after the third month of default no arrangements have been made we reserve the right to pursue any form of debt collection in order to collect on the loan amount including interest, penalties and fees. Debt collection will lead to additional charges and/or possible judgement against the defaulter.

Note: Your credit rating will be affected if you regularly default on loans and you may not be able to access credit in the future.

Yes, we do allow early settlement of loans.

We encourage all clients to communicate any unforeseen default causing circumstance to us. Please bear in mind that we reserve the authority to judge any reasons for default on their legitimacy.